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Inghilterra: Hi-Fi World premia in nostro cavo di potenza Diamond D7.

Il cavo di potenza Diamond D7 viene premiato con il World Awards di Hi-Fi World come migliore cavo di potenza dell’anno 2018. 

A new entrant to the UK market – but Italian company HiDiamond’s 7s impressed with their open, honest sound.
These are not cables that impose too much of their own character into the replay chain. Instead they enable you to hear just what your source and loudspeakers are doing – which is just what a cable should do.
Playing Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Badlands’ through a McIntosh power amplifier connected to Tannoy loudspeakers the bass pumped forcefully, Clarence Clemons’ saxophone soared while Springsteen’s guitar bit deep. There was a complete sense of naturalness about the whole sound.
Used in a variety of systems these cables never failed to impress – and they also boast superb construction. They will suit all systems but truly shine in top-notch set-ups.

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HiDiamond 7 Award 2018