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Power Cable Genesis

genesis alimentazione

It uses the new 4VRC999%AG© technology.

A decisive step ahead of the always excellent and appreciated 4VRC © technology. The biggest, the most perfect signal cable that HiDiamond can offer today. An absolute reference component where maximum transparency in all frequency ranges to bring a perfect signal with no introduction of noise output which would ruin the end result. The use of graphite allows to block the noise generated within the cable by the passage of the electric signal (which is nothing if not the music signal) to carry out a perfect signal without any introduction of noise which would spoil the result final.

Technology "twisted" within the cable to have a tremendous tonal balance.

The dynamism and greater focus, are incredible details Maximum of expression in the power cables. The reference in HiDiamond home.

Finished with HiDiamond proprietary plugs with silver contacts

Technical Features: External jacket mm. 20; Number of Cond. 4X6,5mm. ; Cond. Graphite/Copper /Silver 4VRC999%AG©. Capacity max. C1 90Pf/C2 180 Pf with schield.; Conductor Resistance: 2,2 OHM/ km.; Inductance:0,5 uH/m. 


power connector silver shuko power connector silver usa
Silver Shuko Power Connector Silver USA plus Power Connector



 5 star ratingThe Genesis power cord sound is very good. Is Better than D4 in terms of soft at top and high resolution and quiet black ground. Will order one more soon.



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