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New cables with WBT and furutech connectors

News for HiDiamond cables 

Soon, both power and signal cables will be able to have new connectors. In particular, for the Diamond 3, 3.5 and 4 power cables, wiring with Furutech connectors is also provided, with a price increase of €150.00 for the complete set.

On the signal cables, from Diamond 2 to Diamond 8, WBT connectors can be used (not Nextgen) with a surcharge of €120.00, again for the complete set, while for the D9 and D10 cables, equipped with the Nextgen version, the price will be €150.00 more.

Below are images of the new connectors

Furutech alimentazione
Furutech Power Connector
Furutech Power Connector for D3 – D3.5 – D4 power cables
WBT silver for D2 to D8 signal cables
WBT NEXGEN-segnale-D9-D10
WBT NEXTGEN for D9 and D10 signal cables