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About Us


A New Standard in the Hi-Fi World

History and Mission

Founded in November 2000, HiDiamond has quickly become a leader in the manufacturing and sales of high-quality Hi-Fi components and devices. With a global presence, the company has established itself as synonymous with excellence and innovation in the audio industry.

Core Business

HiDiamond’s core business is focused on the production and distribution of high quality Hi-Fi cables and electronic equipment. HiDiamond cables are designed to ensure absolute signal integrity and clear, precise sound transmission. Using only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art machinery, HiDiamond is committed to maintaining the highest levels of manufacturing, design and quality control.

Laboratories and Quality Control

At our laboratories, we can perform a wide range of physical and electrical tests on materials. These tests include:

  • physical tests: traction and toxicity;
  • electrical tests: insulation resistance, dielectric strength, impedance, capacitance, impedance transfer, resistance, transfer rate and other minor tests.

The ability to carry out such checks and measurements, rarely matched by other professional manufacturers, allows us to guarantee uncompromising quality. All solder on our cables is made with a silver alloy with a minimum purity of 4.2%.

Complete Set of Cables

HiDiamond offers a complete series of cables to meet every audio need and application. Whether you are a passionate audiophile or a professional in the sector, you will find in our products the ideal solution to improve your listening experience.

Superior Audio Experience

By trying a HiDiamond cable in your Hi-Fi chain, you will immediately notice the difference. You will discover a NEW Frontier of Sound, characterized by unprecedented clarity and precision.


HiDiamond is more than just a manufacturer of Hi-Fi cables; is a pioneer in audio innovation and quality. With an unwavering dedication to perfection, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of Hi-Fi audio.

Ceo Salvatore Filippelli: Founder of the company HiDiamond (the largest company of Italian audio and video cables), wanted the image and give body to a new reality to technically great original products and design.

Comes from a strong experience and decided where he held the post of Director General Italy society Nextream belonging to the Group French Thomson.

Salvatore Filippelli CEO HiDiamond