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Speaker Cable Genesis BIG

genesis speak wbt  big

It uses the new 4VRC999%AG© technology.

A decisive step ahead of the always excellent and appreciated 4VRC © technology. The biggest, the most perfect signal cable that HiDiamond can offer today. An absolute reference component where maximum transparency in all frequency ranges to bring a perfect signal with no introduction of noise output which would ruin the end result. Isolator in XLPE. where XLPE is 100 times better than normal teflon. This lowers the threshold of the spill spike and consequently the width of the musical signal barrier ensuring a higher linearity and smaller amplitude of the basic sinusoid to all advantage of the musical signal emission naturalness.

technology twisted inside the cable, in order to have a balanced sound across the entire tonal frequency band, with a powerful and precise bass extension. This leads to sound science-fiction; the incredible dynamic, providing an impression of absolute lack of compression. A low medium which helps to give effect to the reproduction, securely in rumors and hot, to emphasize details of the recording, precise focus, tall, transparent, never aggressive. Can not put it into crisis. It redefines the way you listen. Simply the culmination.

It can be terminated with banana connectors WBT-0610 Ag, spade connectors WBT -0681 Ag or with banana connectors in Rhodium Fiber Carbon or in Rhodium spades, very Hi Quality.

Technical Features: External jacket mm.290; Number of Cond. 18; Cond. Copper /Silver 4VRC999%AG©.Capacity max. 33 nf/Km.; Conductor Resistance: 5,5 Ohm/ Km;  Velocity of Propagation. 99%.

genesis speak carbon big
Version with Rhodium Carbon Fiber connectors



banana wbt 0610 ag spada wbt-0681ag spades rhodium plated Banana fiber carbon plug plated rhodium
Banana Connector
Spades Connector 
Spades Rhodium
Plated Connector
Banana Fiber Carbon with
plug Plated Rhodium Connnector



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