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4VRC999%AG© Technology

A few years after the introduction of high-performance processing of copper called 4VRC© (to know what it is click here), which showed musical performance with the purity of the finished product obtained during this process, today we are proud to present the new and exclusive 4VRC999%AG© technology. which allows to reach the best possible result in the world.

What does it mean

Thanks to this new procedure, together with the copper 4VRC©, using the silver with a degree of purity of 999.99%, doubly baked (annealed), by one thickness calculated and tested in order to obtain a new TRUE global absolute reference for Hi End cables.

What does

A machining of alloys, even more exclusive and sought, to obtain a reference absolute product with an overall purity of 99.9999%.

The benefits

If previously, with the use of only exclusive 4VRC© technology, we had a neutral and natural sound, appreciated and recognized all over the world today without compromising the results achieved, we had an increase in both the spatial, transparency, precision in the high register of frequencies, that a greater separation of the instruments, with an absolute black and a speed of execution that we could ever imagine.

The use of this new technology leads to a new experience that is unmatched by any other product.

4VRC999% AG©... The expression comparisons!

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